Factors Leading To Running Injuries – Change 1

Does running regularly mean you will end up having to pay physios for life? No, not necessarily. Although, like with virtually any sport, even swimming if you swim often and aim high, you will suffer some injuries. How bad, how often and for how long, now these are variables that […]


Lower Back Pain – Exercise To Reduce Tension And Stiffness In Your Lower Back

A lot of people suffer from low back pain. And there are many reasons we suffer from back pain. These group into specific and non-specific low back pain. Specific means we know the exact cause of your back pain (i.e. slipped disc, accident etc). This needs medical attention. Non-Specific back pain, […]

Default Behaviours And How They Sabotage Your Fitness Results

Default Behaviours And How They Sabotage Your Fitness Results

Default behaviours, or habits, are the ones you get back to in moments of stress, exhaustion, anger or any kind of situation where, for some reason, you don’t think about your actions as deeply as you usually do. Default behaviours can sabotage any kind of results, whether we talk about […]

Exercise -for-tight-and-stiff-shoulders

Exercise For Tight And Stiff Shoulders

Do you experience tight or stiff shoulders? This simple Qigong exercise is perfect for releasing that tightness. From a comfortable standing position: Step 1: Hand facing up lift them about the level of the forehead – BREATHING IN Step 2: Interlock fingers when hands reach the forehead, twisting the hands, so […]

Cross Frog Jump – Natural Movement Fitness – The Merisoiu Technique Institute

Strenghten your core muscles and whole body, while bringing mobility and flexibility in the same exercise Benefits: – strengthening core muscles – joint mobilisation – upper and lower body strength We named this exercise Cross Frog Jump as it is a progression of the frog jumps or frog leaps. This […]


Shoulder, Neck And Back Pain – Why You Are In Pain

This is probably one of the most common reasons we experience shoulder, neck or back muscle pain. Your body always tries to bring itself back into alignment. When you look at your phone, walking down the street typing, hunching over your computer, or simply walking or running bending from the […]


Transitioning To Barefoot Running – What You Need

Barefoot running or minimalist running is not something new. It’s new for us in this modern age, after we stepped into our amazing modern world. However, we must understand that we have inherited a stone age body, and have placed it in a modern environment (Daniel Lieberman – The Story […]


Complexity Of Movement Enhances Your Problem Solving Skills

The more complex the movement it the more your brain develops,  enhancing your brain-body communication and coordination. What that means for you?   Everyday you perform complex tasks that requests a lot of back and forth communication between your brain and all other areas of your body, inside and out. Some […]