Knee Pain And Body Weight Distribution

Do you have knee pain?

Many people feel some type of knee pain throughout their lifetime. It’s like lower back pain, it’s pretty common.

Knee pain can either be structural (i.e. ligaments) which may need surgery, or less severe injuries such as runner’s knee which usually recover using ice and stretching.

There are many reasons we get knee pain. Many people suffer from knee pain when they run, jump, practice sports in general, or no sport at all. There is the case of osteoarthritis but this is not the topic of this particular article.

What I would like to point out is that we can reduce the risk of knee pain and knee injuries. Nothing is bullet proof but doing this small thing will certainly make a big difference.


My story in a nutshell

I have changed the way I use my body over the past 3 years, and counting. A 12 years old I could not walk because of knee pain. In 2013, after an MRI scan, I was told I had grade 3 meniscus damage on both knees.

Two doctors recommended surgery. However I knew that surgery will not correct the mistakes I have made that lead to this lifelong injury (body misuse in my life as an athlete). So, together with my coach, we changed the way I walk, run, sit, stand, we strengthened stability muscles and so on. Today I can say that I am 95% knee pain free.

Something I thought it would never be possible. My knees never lock and I can run, jump and do pistol squats without pain. I do advise following your doctor’s advice though. This is the path I chose for myself.


So what changed? I was the tripod

Since practicing the tripod every single time I remember (and after years of doing it I remember almost all the time) I managed to run, walk, go up and down stairs, squat and pistol squat knee pain free.

There are many things I did but one of the key elements way to keep the tripod firmly planted on the ground.


What is the tripod

Good tripods means proper body weight distribution.

You have 2 tripods, one on each foot.

They are formed by your big toe, your little toe and your heel.

Keeping the tripod will also reduce pronation. But I will write about that in another blog.

The tripods are your base of support. If your camera tripod would have a leg shorter than the other two, it would lean to one side. And the side it leans on, that leg, will wear faster than the other. While the other one will weaken as it is less used.

Same with your tripods. If your big toe is not planted into the ground your arch would rise and you walk on the outside of your heel.


Tripod and knee pain

When you consistently have more weight on the front of your foot your knees and ankles are under more pressure. And doing this while standing, sitting, walking etc in time leads to a lot of damage. That simple.

The tripod, if the 3 points are planted firmly, will help distribute your weight evenly on the back and front of your feet, and also left and right.

Pay special attention to the tripod when you squat and lunge. Lunging in particular is very damaging and, in the gym, I used to see these mistakes every single day, as people were not educated about weight distribution and pushed hard for speed and quantity.

Alexandra Merisoiu, The Body Engineer, is the Founder of The Merisoiu Technique - Institute Of Health And Human Movement and Dracula’s Retreat. She is also a qualified Low Back Pain Management and Prevention Exercise Instructor and REPS registered.

She specialises in working with runners, beginners and advanced, who want to run faster, further, with less effort and fewer injuries. This is done through natural movement fitness and running technique and mechanics drawn from the many disciplines Alexandra has studies throughout the years, including long distance running.

Since 1995 she has explored how the body and mind works. She has done this through using many different sporting techniques and working with a wide variety of highly respected coaches. Throughout her Martial Arts career she has achieved 3rd Dan Black Belt in Karate Shotokan, runs her own Karate club and is IJKA 2017 triple World Champion, 2016 WMO Martial Arts British National and European Champion. She still competes at an international level.

It is through these learnings, and drawing inspiration from respected natural movement names such as MovNat, IdoPortal and POSE Method of running among many others, that she has created The Merisoiu Technique and has established her own unique transformational programs that incorporate thousands of years of knowledge with Natural Human Movement.

Alexandra’s mission is to challenge the status quo of how to achieve the truly strong, fit and powerful body a runner needs to perform at their best level. This is done through building strong, lasting foundations in the natural outdoor environment; reducing the risk of injuries and educating people on the power of the fundamentals of natural human movement and running mechanics.

2 Replies to “Knee Pain And Body Weight Distribution”

  1. I’m doing a university project for Celesio to design the next innovative walking aid.

    I’m interested to know whether placing the weight on the opposing leg when someone has KNEE PAIN from ARTHRITIS, would be more beneficial or whether having something someone pushes with two hands in front of them is better to distribute that persons weight evenly?

    This is a huge company and they actually have the power to make our design a reality. So your input would be greatly appreciated in order to help people live independent lives.



    1. Hi Tanya. Thank you for the question. I’m not a doctor or a therapist so my opinion is just that, an opinion. I suggest you also ask therapists, if you haven’t already. However, my opinion is that distributing the body weight on both legs is the way to go. Why? Well, you don’t want to overload the opposing leg, which can damage in time. That’s what I believe. Do let me know if you’d like to have a more in depth skype conversation.

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