Foot Massage With A Golf Ball

Foot Massage With A Golf Ball

The foot massage with a golf ball is an excellent exercise to release tension in the foot muscles, and improve foot flexibility and mobility. At the end of the day a goof foot massage feels really good, doesn’t it? See the video below on how to do it and if you have any questions contact me.

Three Words To Describe The Session – Oxted Surrey

Three Words To Describe The Session - Oxted Surrey

I asked each participant to describe the session in 3 words. This was their first time meeting me and doing something like this. The session was exhausting but so rewarding.


Alison: Challenging, Exhausting and Exhilarating
Marielouise: Awesome, Froggy and Quite Dirty
Eva: Novel, Energetic and a lot of Fun
Fiona: Exhilarating, Tiring and Lovely
Mihai: Intense, Natural and Reassuring
Maria: Energetic, Fun and Cheerful

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Bandage For Injured Fingers

Bandage for finger injuries

Bandage for sprained toes and fingers….small toes though, it’s designed for fingers.

Injured fingers? Try this little bandage, I think it’s really cool and could have helped me when I fractured one of my fingers in a Karate competition.

Just stay focused and remember it’s a bandage.

How To Get And Stay Fit, Healthy And Slim Without Struggle

How to get fit, healthy and slim without struggle

There is more to fitness than calorie counting and “chasing” weight loss. Many people get disappointing by the fact that weight goes up and down over several months, and just give up. What is the point right?

So how can you get and stay fit, healthy and slim without even thinking about it. Without making weight loss a life long pursuit? I explain everything in this video:

How To Make Your Morning Exercise Routine More Interesting And Fun

How To Make Your Morning Exercise Routine More Interesting And Fun

Here’s a method which will help you get out of monotony, make exercising more fun and different and reduce bias in the choice you make when you choose your exercise.

We unconsciously do more of the things we are good at and which we love. This means progress slows down to the point where we make very little progress. When you have a Personal Trainer or a Coach, they will give you exercises you are not good at, but when you have to choose alone we tend to be biased without realizing.

So here’s a way to solve this problem and to also make things more interesting. This is not a method of training to get results though. If your training needs set repetitions and sets, a certain structure, then this is not going to work. But it will make things different.

11 Reasons Why We Overeat

  1. We go out with friends, whether we are hungry or not we eat.

Advice: Eat if you need to eat, if you are hungry. If you want to eat out with friends, don’t eat home.


  1. We are bored.

Advice: Give yourself work and projects, read a book, make a puzzle, write, listen to audio books, watch a movie, find a hobby. There is so much to do out there, it comes down to you and your choices.


  1. We don’t eat satisfying enough.

Advice: Eat fats, carbs and protein. No more fat free foods. Eating regular yoghurt and drinking normal fat milk will actually lead to eating less. Stop whishing the food and have, on a place, a piece of meat or other protein, and 2-3 sides (one of them carbohydrate such as potatoes or rice, the other two vegetables).


  1. We watch TV or read the paper when we eat, so we lose sight of how much we eat.

Advice: Try eating without doing anything else in the same time.


  1. We form the habit of eating until we are completely full, and with time we eat more and more.

Advice: Eat until you are 80% full. As a rule you must stand up from the table while you are still hungry. Have dessert 30 min later, you might find that you don’t need it anymore.


  1. We have sweets and snacks when we are hungry, and should actually eat food.

Advice: When you crave something sweet know you are actually hungry. Eat food, even a meal, even if it’s the 3rd meal of the day and it’s before 3 pm.


  1. Celebrating days like Christmas, where we eat because it’s the tradition, whether we are hungry or not.

Advice: Regardless of where you go or what you celebrate you can control the amount of food you eat. Regardless of the tradition of your culture you can always say “it was delicious but I am full” even if you are not completely full. Respect others and appreciate the food they cooked for you, but control the amount of food you eat.


  1. We eat because it’s in front of us.

Advice: If there is food on the table that doesn’t mean we have to eat it all. Take time, do The Stop, and reflect on whether you need to eat more or at all, or not. Respond rather than react to the environment around you.


  1. Because we are happy, sad or depressed, angry, or stressed.

Advice: Many of us eat when we feel in certain ways. That is how you have educated your brain and body. What if you re-educate yourself to go for a walk when you feel down, or take a nap. When I am stressed I like to take a nap. Also take a moment and think about what you are about to do. Do you really, really need to eat that much?


  1. We go on holiday.

Advice: Holiday doesn’t mean we should eat everything we see or are offered. We shouldn’t refuse either. But what we can do is control the quantity of food we actually eat. Try all the foods, but try them. That means a little of each. That’s what I have always done and it works.


  1. We didn’t have enough sleep.

Advice: You get energy from food and you recharge through sleeping as well. Lack of sleep will only lead to overeating, particularly high energy foods,  that’s sugary foods in general. Take afternoon naps, on the train etc. Sleep during the night, quality sleep not necessarily quantity.


Do you overeat? What are the reasons you overeat? What have I missed?


Are you struggling to create and/or change your habits? I can assist you, contact me here.

Squats And Lunges – Why Should You Care About Body Weight Distribution

Everything you do is body weight distribution, and body weight transfer, as well as balancing (walking is balancing for example). Understand and practice these 3 concepts (and posture) and any exercise or movement you will ever do will be correct. But only if you practice these concepts.


Incorrect body weight distribution simply leads to:

  1. One side of the body will take more of the weight than the other. Thus chances are this side will be over worked, and muscles strained in the long run, while the other side will weaken.
  2. Stress injuries. If you walk, run, squat and lunge while one side of the body takes of weight, and so more of the aggressive impact, it will increase the risks of injuries. It may not happen this year or the next, but after years and years.
  3. Knee pain. This is very common particularly when squatting and lunging, but also standing, walking and running.


When we squat or lunge we are told “knees behind the toes!” Why??? Give the reason why. I’ll tell you why. When the knees go too far over the toes, your body weight distribution is lost. There is more weight going on the front of your feet, while you take the weight off the heels (even if heels are still on the ground). This causes the knees and ankles to take more and more pressure.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you bring the weight back on the heels and lift the toes of the ground. That’s not good either. The solution is The TRIPOD.


How to distribute your weight correctly

Every moment you stand, whatever you do, you will form a tripod with your feet.


When you stand, walk, run, squat, lunge, balance on one leg etc, keep The Tripod firmly rooted into the ground. That’s it. FOCUS.

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