Exercise For Tight And Stiff Shoulders

Exercise -for-tight-and-stiff-shoulders

Do you experience tight or stiff shoulders? This simple Qigong exercise is perfect for releasing that tightness.

From a comfortable standing position:

Step 1: Hand facing up lift them about the level of the forehead – BREATHING IN

Step 2: Interlock fingers when hands reach the forehead, twisting the hands, so palms face up

Step 3: Drive or lift your hands and arms above your forehead, pushing up, as if lifting a heavy object

Step 4: Release the fingers and lower your arms slowly, from the shoulder – BREATHING OUT



– breathe in when lifting
– breathe out when lowering
– breathe in through your nose, and breathe out through your mouth or nose
– keep shoulders down, even when you lift the arms above your head
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Cross Frog Jump – Natural Movement Fitness – The Merisoiu Technique Institute

Strenghten your core muscles and whole body, while bringing mobility and flexibility in the same exercise

– strengthening core muscles
– joint mobilisation
– upper and lower body strength

We named this exercise Cross Frog Jump as it is a progression of the frog jumps or frog leaps. This exercise and more are part of the Merisoiu Technique Institute Academy. Contact us to learn more about the MTI Academy

We hold monthly Free Taster sessions. To try out one of our classes click here to contact us.

We hold monthly Free Taster sessions. To try out one of our classes click here to contact us.


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Shoulder, Neck And Back Pain – Why You Are In Pain


This is probably one of the most common reasons we experience shoulder, neck or back muscle pain.

Your body always tries to bring itself back into alignment. When you look at your phone, walking down the street typing, hunching over your computer, or simply walking or running bending from the hips, you back muscles will activate, or engage to pull the body back into alignment.

If the body doesn’t come back into alignment, those muscles stay activated and, in time, this is what leads to muscle strain.

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