Eating Late In The Evening – Yes or NO?


Should you eat late in the evening or not?

In this video I ask you a couple of questions. The answer to these 2 questions will answer the first one.

1. Since food is energy, if you eat late in the evening, are you using that energy or is it stored throughout the night? It will not wait until the morning to be used, it will be stored.

Unless you are awake throughout the night, using the energy to take it, you might want to consider eating 3-4 hours before going to bed


2. Do you want to rest or just sleep? The digestion process takes a lot of energy. If you eat late in the evening and shortly after, go to bed, digestion will take place while you sleep.

That means that instead of your body resting, it is busy doing something else.


3. So what if you are hungry late in the evening. Simply eat something light which will be digested fast. Instead of a meal, have a small fresh vegetable salad, a yogurt or a few pieces of fruit, low in sugars.

If you have any questions leave them in a comment below and I will answer them.

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How Do You Become Mindful


Being mindful doesn’t mean you have to sit and meditate or focus on a word, breathing or an object for a certain period of time. Sure, if that’s what you do in life, like monks do, this is their ritual, that’s fine. But for most of us we need something more “tangible” to help us understand what mindfulness and being mindful and aware is, and how we can become mindful.

The reality is mindfulness has always been there, in other cultures. In the western world it may seem like a trend, a thing people do to look and feel interesting. However, this is far from being true. Forget about the research that shows meditation and mindfulness leads to cellular changes, reducing stress, balancing hormones and so on. Forget about the research, and just see how you feel when you try something similar to what I explained in the video below.

The Myth Of Breakfast Food


We were programmed to believe that breakfast food is or should be in a certain way and from certain food groups. For example breakfast cereal, packages, orange juice, eggs and so on. All of these, besides eggs, should not even count as food or drinks. Why? Simply because they bring NOTHING of value to you.

Don’t conform to rules that say breakfast should be one way or another. If the food you eat is healthy and nourishes your body and mind, setting you up for a successful day, then that’s all you need to think about. Stop thinking that breakfast, of any other meal has to conform to any other rules than being healthy and nourishing.

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