Are Fat Free Foods Healthy?

Are fat free foods a good choice? This is my personal opinion on fat free foods.

I  believe we have been sold on the idea that “you are what you eat” thus you eat fat you are fat, many people believe in this idea.

That’s not to say that now we should have a lot of fatty foods, exaggerating, and going from one extreme to another.

If we stopped eating junk food, and eat full fat yoghurt, the levels of fat would not be dangerous. However, instead of this action, we have junk food, and cut out the fat from yoghurt and other products. Those products might have less fat, but they are processed and have added sugar otherwise you’d hate the taste.

When eating fat free foods you also overeat. Why? Because fats satisfy you, without them there is no substance. So you end up eating more and buying more.

How to go about it?

Well, look at nature. Does the milk you drink come fat free? Does the milk used to make your yoghurt or cheese fat free? If the answer is NO, then the “fat free” foods are man made processes foods.

One of the lessons you learn when studying to become a Nutritional Adviser is the inverse relationship between Carbohydrates and Fast + Protein.

This says that the balance between them should be:

HIGH carbs – LOW fats and protein

LOW carbs – HIGH fats and protein


Furthermore, protein need fats to be metabolized or processed by your body.


Thus, if we look at nature, the way the good comes from nature we realise that it gives us precisely that:

– fruit – LOW fats and protein , HIGH carbohydrates

– nuts – HIGH fats and protein, LOW Carbohydrates – protein are metabolized because fats are present.

– dairy – HIGH fats and protein, LOW Carbohydrates – protein are metabolized because fats are present.


However, eating junk food AND normal fat from nature, is not a great idea. Leaving the natural fat and having junk food is not healthy either. Having natural fat and, some exceptions, is a good place to begin.


Workout At Home – Tone Your Legs – The Archive Box

No time to go at the gym? Or don’t like it? You have everything you need in your house to tone and strengthen your legs. Watch the video below.
This exercise trains your leg muscles, adductors and abductors to be more specific, but it does much more than that. It teaches you how use your core muscles in motion, it also works the core muscles.
And if you already have strong core it will improve the connection between the upper and lower body. This is important because your body is one whole unit, and the hips and core are what connects the upper and lower body, and when we dorn’t use the body as a whole…..well….that’s when injury happens.
Your body is a perfectly designed machine, we just stop using it as such and…..we lose it in the end.
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Workout In Your Daily Routine – Stairs

Enough with the boring going up and the down the stairs, or even taking time out of your busy schedule to plan your workout.

To work your body throughout the day, every time you go up the stairs, at the top DO A PRESS-UP. Every time you go down the stairs, at the top DO A PRESS-UP.

Depending on your level of fitness and time, you can do more than 1 of course. But if you are at the beginning of your journey, it’s enough to start with one.

Lose weight, tone your body and enjoy.

How To Lose Weight Without Compromising Your Health

In our pursuit to lose weight and achieve the body we desire, we tend to forget what is actually more important: health.

In the video below I talk about nutrition and exercise mistakes which, although might help us lose weight, compromise our health.

Summary of video

In terms of nutrition, many people have the tendency of jumping from one diet to another simply because one didn’t work within the set time frame, or didn’t work as good as they expected.

As a result we create chaos in the body. It doesn’t have time ti adapt to any diet and, where there is no adaptation, there is no progress.

As a consequence of jumping from one weight loss diet to another, the body doesn’t have time to take in the nutrients that comes from a specific diet, it didn’t have time to adapt to it, provided it is a good diet.

We need nutrients, including fats, for healthy bones, skin, eyes, organs and everything else. We forget that food is fuel, and we focus on food as a weight gain-weight loss game.

Furthermore, losing weight for a few months is nonsense. We must maintain a balanced weight and a lifestyle diet throughout the year. Even if our weight oscillates by a 2-3 kg, that is still a balanced weight.


In terms of exercise, although all forms of exercise have their place at the right time, when we pursue weight loss we tend to forget that burning calories is not the most important. We must ensure we are educated by coaches who are qualified and study movement.

Why? Well, if you lose weight at the expense of a damaged body, you have achieved nothing. Absolutely nothing. If you lose weight but get back pain, knee pain or damage a shoulder, it’s all gone. A damaged body will never fully recover.

Thus, take your time with exercise, and shift your focus from calorie burning to performing movement correct.


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Default Behaviours And How They Sabotage Your Fitness Results

Default behaviours, or habits, are the ones you get back to in moments of stress, exhaustion, anger or any kind of situation where, for some reason, you don’t think about your actions as deeply as you usually do.

Default behaviours can sabotage any kind of results, whether we talk about diet, fitness, business or even personal development.


Examples of default behaviours 

Running technique – even if you know the correct running technique, when your body gets tired you go back to your old technique, or habits, running habit in this case.

Weight loss – upon your return from work, you are very hungry, tired and had a difficult day, and you’ve used your will power throughout the day, instead of having a fresh vegetable salad, it’s easier and more satisfying to have chocolate cake, crisps or a doughnut.

Fitness – when “life gets in the way”, or you are very busy you might say “I don’t have time”, but actually you are going back to your default behaviour(s).


And so you make some progress, then you go back to the start line. Then you make some progress again, only to go back. And so on so forth. Default behaviours can sabotage your results.


How to override default behaviours


What you speak

Every time you speak you unconsciously give a command to your brain. And you brain listens and learns but it doesn’t like interdictions.

Instead of saying “I am not allowed to have….ice cream” or “I shouldn’t have….”, say “I can have it but i choose not to have it now”.



The more and the longer you practice a behaviour it becomes more permanent. Every time you repeat it, it’s like hammering a nail in a board, it goes deeper in your system every time, until it’s firmly rooted.

Forget the 21 days, 44 days 66 days which, according to some research, makes habits stick. None of these numbers, not even doing the same habit for 365 days, will guarantee it will still be there 24 months later.

Practice (count the days if you want to) every day, or every week, depending on how you have set up your schedule.


Acknowledge it

Awareness of your default behaviours is half the battle won. Identify your default behaviours and then start working around them.


If you struggle

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