Factors Leading To Running Injuries – Transition Speed

You are a long distance runner, but want to switch to interval training to get faster. I get you, it’s normal and a natural progression.

Do read the short article on Change to begin with, then come back to this one.


When you want to change your training regime, to transition from endurance to speed, you must remember:

1. Your nervous system dictates how long the transition will take. Force it and you may end up injured.

2. Your slow twitch muscles fibers – needed for endurance – are more developed while the fast twitch muscle fibers – needed for fast, explosive movements – are less developed. Give them time to develop. You can’t hurry the adaptation process.

3. Think of this new training regime as if you were starting from zero, as if you were a beginner – thus begin with easy exercises, practice a beginners routine 6-8 weeks and then go to the next routine, more difficult, more challenging.


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