How Your Arms Make Your Running Heavy And Breathing Difficult

How-Your-Arms-Make-Your-Running-Heavy-And-Breathing Difficult

If you want to run lighter, breathe easier when you run and reduce the risk of injuries think about your arms. What you do with your arms, where they’re going, how they’re moving and everything in between.

I explain in the video and also show how your arm direction affects your running, making it heavy and it also affects your breathing.

When your arms cross your body midline the following happens:

  • your shoulder start to curl inwards
  • that leads to the chest closing up
  • which compresses the chest and rib cage
  • that leads to difficult breathing
  • your alignment is also off as the shoulders drop forward
  • your hips fall back
  • your general centre of mass in behind you
  • your lower back takes a lot of pressure
  • your lower back is sore

To avoid this chain reaction you arms should move forward, and your elbows lightly brushing your body.

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Running Technique – Matching Cadence And Breath For Long Distance Running

When talking about how to breathe when running we need to look at how to match the breath to our cadence. When we achieve that breathing is not a problem anymore.

So many people who take up running say they have to stop because they can’t breath anymore, although their legs are ok. The problem is not fitness, not always at least, but their breathing rhythm.

They might go really fast at the beginning, breathing being chaotic, and they burn out faster. Then they have to stop to catch their breath.

The idea is that, no matter the cadence you’re at, it’s slower if you are a beginner for example, match your breathing to your cadence. Then you can go as far as your legs will take you, and as fast as well.

On the same topic I talked about in the previous video: Breathing Struggles When Running

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