Lower Back Pain – Exercise To Reduce Tension And Stiffness In Your Lower Back

A lot of people suffer from low back pain. And there are many reasons we suffer from back pain. These group into specific and non-specific low back pain.

Specific means we know the exact cause of your back pain (i.e. slipped disc, accident etc). This needs medical attention.

Non-Specific back pain, we can’t exactly point out the reason, it might be from  lot of sitting down, poor posture, weak muscles (core, buttocks), tight muscles and so on.

Most of the people suffer from non-specific lower back pain, about 19/20 cases. And the reason behind it is usually a combination of all of the above, they are related anyway:

Sitting down too much -> (leads to) Weaker muscles -> Poor posture

Poor posture -> Weak muscles

Sitting with a poor posture -> Weak and tight muscles

You got the idea.


Today I will share with you a video with stretches to release tension in the lower back area, as well as surrounding muscles, in the case of non-specific lower back pain.

This is also a great stretch for the fascia (a thin membrane which connects everything in the body, I will write about it with another occasion). It’s also great to improve flexibility and mobility around the lower back and not only.

This is a video from the MTI Academy. Check it out here and here.

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Workout At Home – Tone Your Legs – The Archive Box

No time to go at the gym? Or don’t like it? You have everything you need in your house to tone and strengthen your legs. Watch the video below.
This exercise trains your leg muscles, adductors and abductors to be more specific, but it does much more than that. It teaches you how use your core muscles in motion, it also works the core muscles.
And if you already have strong core it will improve the connection between the upper and lower body. This is important because your body is one whole unit, and the hips and core are what connects the upper and lower body, and when we dorn’t use the body as a whole…..well….that’s when injury happens.
Your body is a perfectly designed machine, we just stop using it as such and…..we lose it in the end.
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