Dracula’s Retreat: ENERGISING


Richards, the 2nd, we had 2 Richards on Dracula’s Retreat, kindly agreed to share his experience on Draculas’ Retreat. He says:

“We’ve worked hard but it was good”

“The location is great, it’s in the mountains, lots of clean air”

“Two sessions a day, I was actually dreading the second session, but in actual fact I enjoyed it more”

“In one word: ENERGIZED”

As usual you will find snippets of the Wild Movement Workout throughout the video to give you an idea of how it was.

Dracula’s Retreat is a 4 day – Friday to Monday – weekend getaway in Transylvania near Dracula’s Castle (Bran Castle). It is a weekend of meditation, wild movement fitness, hiking and healthy, hearty, traditional Transylvanian food. Check out www.draculasretreat.com for more information on itinerary, bookings, nutrition, accommodation and more

Running After Knee Injury – Testimonial Client Experience

Mariepaule had a really bad knee injury. She did the therapies recommended and got the OK. Then she came to work with Alexandra.

Through consistent running technique and natural movement practice, coaching and practicing by herself, Mariepaule recovered nicely and managed a 2 day walk, 2nd day combined with running.


This is what we look at on the Running Technique Workshop. Of course, changing the way you move and use your body takes time, but on the workshop you will leave with a few concepts that, if used, can make a huge difference.

While same results cannot be guaranteed, with practice, natural running technique will help you run faster, further, with less effort and fewer injuries.

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Three Words To Describe The Session – Oxted Surrey

Three Words To Describe The Session - Oxted Surrey

I asked each participant to describe the session in 3 words. This was their first time meeting me and doing something like this. The session was exhausting but so rewarding.


Alison: Challenging, Exhausting and Exhilarating
Marielouise: Awesome, Froggy and Quite Dirty
Eva: Novel, Energetic and a lot of Fun
Fiona: Exhilarating, Tiring and Lovely
Mihai: Intense, Natural and Reassuring
Maria: Energetic, Fun and Cheerful

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