How To Lose Weight Part Two

In Part 1 of how to lose weight we talked about the three reactions that take place in the body at any given time: physical, psychological and chemical. If you haven’t read part 1 read that first, click here.

The 3 reactions influence each other. And when one is out of balance the other 2 will be as well. If you are very stressed out (psychological), the brain will send resources to deal with the problem. However it will take resources from the other 2 system and so hormones are affected. With hormones out of balance, because we know too much stress affects hormones, many people easily gain weight.

Stress can be psychological and physical as well. For example, too much exercise, I mean really too much, causes the body to release more of the cortisol hormone, and so does mental stress. Cortisol is a double edge sword, it’s always there and we need it, but too much of it can cause weight gain and other problems.

Today I only want to talk about how you can keep the physical reactions in balance.

Your style of life

Whether skinny or not, healthy or not, fit or not, you have a style of life. A way you live your life day by day.

We are all a bundle of habits. This is not a bad thing, if we didn’t have habits there will be no consistency and no progress. On the other hand if the habits are not the best ones, being consistent with them is not what we want.

Now it is time to look at your style of life. So here are a few questions for you to ask yourself and answer honestly:

Do I walk at least 30 min every day?
Do I exercise and move in proportion to what I eat?
Am I using the energy (calories) I ingest throughout the day?
Am I training and conditioning my body to develop muscles which keep my metabolism up and running? (walking and running alone are not enough)
Within the week, do I walk, run and move in proportion to the amount of time I sit?
Do I always keep a good posture, even when no one is looking?
Do I stretch enough so I never feel my body stiff or muscles tight?

The list can go on. These are questions you can answer yourself and you can start changing them one by one.

To summarize here are ways you can ensure your body is fit and strong:

  • within the week move more than you sit, or at least the same amount of time – your body was no designed to sit for hours
  • train your whole body, not just upper and lower body, full body training is essential for a full system development
  • train your heart (cardiovascular) but also your muscles (strength)
  • walk, run, lift, carry, throw, catch etc move in as many ways as possible
  • balance exercises – don’t underestimate the power of balance for strong foot muscles, ankles, knees and core
  • have a strong core as that is where every movement starts from
  • develop your core through a many different exercises – never limit yourself to just a few you like
  • stretch your body daily or whenever you have time – here is a full body stretch for you

See what changes you can make. You don’t need to change everything. Identify the most important areas and start working on them.

Remember that progress is made through small changes and not the most complicated processes.

And always bear in my that no matter what you strive for, if you are not out of your comfort zone you are not making much progress.

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