Dracula’s Retreat: ENERGISING


Richards, the 2nd, we had 2 Richards on Dracula’s Retreat, kindly agreed to share his experience on Draculas’ Retreat. He says:

“We’ve worked hard but it was good”

“The location is great, it’s in the mountains, lots of clean air”

“Two sessions a day, I was actually dreading the second session, but in actual fact I enjoyed it more”

“In one word: ENERGIZED”

As usual you will find snippets of the Wild Movement Workout throughout the video to give you an idea of how it was.

Dracula’s Retreat is a 4 day – Friday to Monday – weekend getaway in Transylvania near Dracula’s Castle (Bran Castle). It is a weekend of meditation, wild movement fitness, hiking and healthy, hearty, traditional Transylvanian food. Check out www.draculasretreat.com for more information on itinerary, bookings, nutrition, accommodation and more

Dracula’s Retreat: “It’s not just coming to do exercise and fitness, it’s fun, it’s allowing you to connect with people”


Alexandra was among the pioneers on Dracula’s Retreat. Dracula’s Retreat is a weekend getaway at a location in Transylvania, Romania, near Dracula’s Castle (Bran Castle).

Dracula’s Retreat aims to take busy professionals out of the big city and into the countryside where they enjoy great local food, learn about the Transylvanian culture, visit Dracula’s Castle and boost their fitness through natural movement fitness.

The levels of fitness are from beginners to advanced, everyone gets something of value out of the training and the retreat.

Here is Alexandra talking about her experience, with emphasis on the fitness which she enjoyed the most.

“I did more than I thought I’d be able to do. It was amazing for me, it was a great achievement. I can do things that I wasn’t aware I could do. It’s not just coming to do exercise and fitness, it’s fun, it’s allowing you to connect with people”

Check out the website www.draculasretreat.com for more information including itinerary, prices and how to book. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to message me.