Complexity Of Movement Enhances Your Problem Solving Skills


The more complex the movement it the more your brain develops,  enhancing your brain-body communication and coordination. What that means for you?


Everyday you perform complex tasks that requests a lot of back and forth communication between your brain and all other areas of your body, inside and out. Some of them we are conscious of, others are automatic and beyond out control.


Improving the communication brain-body mean you will handle these tasks more effectively and efficiently, with less risk of damaging your body. Complex movements involve using several muscles and joints in an exercise (i.e. squats or lunges).


But there is more than the physical. The more complicated the movement is (and now I mean more than how many muscles and joints are involved, but complicated movement) the more focus, thought and problem solving skills you have to put into it.


Just like a muscle your focus and problem solving skills will improve as you master movement, or Body Mastery as I call it. And where do you think you will use these? In your life, your job, as a mother or father, passing these skills on to your children.


You see, what you do in training is not, or shouldn’t be, only about fitness and health, as we see them from the outside. It has ramifications throughout your life and impacts the lives of the people around. We must look and develop beyond the surface, if we are to be motivated and consistent in anything we do.


Unleash Your Physical Potential 12 Weeks Programme was created to develop these skills, and many others. Sure, it involves physical development – improving your fitness, stamina, strength – then we also have nutrition. But beyond the surface there is much more going on, you develop the skills, discipline, perseverance and focus you will always need no matter what you do in life or who you are.


The online programme is very complex, but I have structured it in such a way so you can take small bites and learn complex movements step by step. After 12 weeks of guidance from me, and another 12 weeks developing by yourself (there are 2 parts on the programme) you will have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and several training routines, to develop the body and mind.



There are 2 groups of people who’d benefit from this programme:

1. Those getting back into fitness or getting into fitness and want to do it the right way

2. Those already fit but with the desire to learn more, develop new skills, improve performance, and learn new exercises and techniques.


Have a look at the programme, sign up for a plan, and let’s take your health, fitness and life to the next level. Unleash Your Physical Potential