Exercise For Tight And Stiff Shoulders

Exercise -for-tight-and-stiff-shoulders

Do you experience tight or stiff shoulders? This simple Qigong exercise is perfect for releasing that tightness.

From a comfortable standing position:

Step 1: Hand facing up lift them about the level of the forehead – BREATHING IN

Step 2: Interlock fingers when hands reach the forehead, twisting the hands, so palms face up

Step 3: Drive or lift your hands and arms above your forehead, pushing up, as if lifting a heavy object

Step 4: Release the fingers and lower your arms slowly, from the shoulder – BREATHING OUT



– breathe in when lifting
– breathe out when lowering
– breathe in through your nose, and breathe out through your mouth or nose
– keep shoulders down, even when you lift the arms above your head
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