Keeping Fit On Holiday

Christmas is here so there’s a lot of food around, and drinks and, for some of us very little physical activity. It’s all awesome, this is what Christmas is for, to spend time with our family.

And you know what else holidays are good for? Keeping up with your training.

The usual excuses are related to work and time. Well, although you might work to prepare everything for Christmas, you are not going to the office.

The truth is that if you take a “break” for a few weeks your cardiovascular capacity with begin to drop, more than that and you will witness a decrease in strength and of course mobility and flexibility.

Besides feeling full and lethargic. So let’s not lose everything you have been working for over the past 12 months. Keep it where it is or even progress.

You can always, always make time for a 30 min run. There is time for what you want to do. You don’t want to exercise during holidays then you will not.

To help you I will share with you this video with a min full body exercise routine. Please watch and read the instructions before you begin so you know what you are supposed to do and not just throw some random exercises. I am not a fan of crunches but to make it easy for you there are crunches there:

Of course you can add to this routine and make it more interesting, for example you could:
  • sprint for 30 sec in between sets
  • run on the spot or jumping jacks between sets
  • stretch between sets, 30 sec (maybe stand in a box split, a high one, you don’t need to go very low)
  • use some weights
  • pull ups or chin ups

And much more. Get creative and remember safety first. Never go beyond your means and if you are in pain stop the exercise. If you are unsure please contact me asap.