Running Book Review: Pose Method of Running by Dr Nicholas Romanov

Dr Nicholas Romanov’s Pose Method of Running is the  book on running technique used by runners and running coaches, being one of the most popular running technique books.

The book itself is comprehensive when it comes to running technique and biomechanics.

Pose Method of Running argues that the benefits of using the method of and, subsequently, changing your running form can help:

  • eliminate injuries
  • improve endurance
  • raise speed
  • reduce recovery time
  • increase flexibility
  • improve coordination

The book addresses the subject of running from a very scientific point, as Dr Romanov studied physical education and was a track and field coach and teacher.  The origins of the Pose Method, as explained in the book, are Karate, Dance and Ballet.  In developing his method of running he also drew information and inspiration from  the Ancient Greeks vision of running, concluding that running is a skill that can be learnt and developed.

What I love most about the book is the different drills for developing the running technique. It’s not the usual, fitness style exercises, but drills that sort of reset the body’s nervous and muscular systems to move in a different way, especially the exercises to correct leg movement (my own conclusion here).

There are a few classic exercises as well, for flexibility and mobility, hips and to develop muscular elasticity.

After taking the readers and runners through the concepts of the Pose Method, Dr Romanov teaches them how to “build a runner’s body….and mind”. This is where you have strength and conditioning, muscular elasticity, exercises for hamstring, running on sand, uphill and downhill , trail running, developing flexibility and training programmes to integrate everything and ensure your risk of injuries are at a minimum (if you do all this) and your performance at a maximum.

One of my instructors once told me that when you’re not getting faster with speed training, look to eliminate the things that slow you down. In running this would be, for example, muscle tension, landing, how you use your lower body and how you use your upper body. I find the POSE Method is exactly the kind of running form, style or technique which discards what needs to be discarded (that which stays in the way of speed) and, in so doing, simplifies running (even if it doesn’t seem so when you first learn it).

Then it goes on to refining the running technique by looking at errors of legs, trunk and arms movement, and how to correct them so you run smoother, faster and reduce the risk of injuries.

In my opinion this book should be read by all of those who run on a regular basis. There is much more in the book that I haven’t mentioned here, such as the “Thinking, Seeing, Feeling” concept which I believe is essential because…..psychology interferes with body mechanics (my own note here).

This is the book for you if you:

  • experience recurrent running related injuries
  • want to fine tune your running so you can run faster (eliminate the movements which slow you down)
  • want to build up your endurance
  • reduce the tension in your muscles, so you run more relaxed (and faster as a result)
  • reduce the stress and pressure placed on your joint (reducing the wear and tear)

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Alexandra Merisoiu, The Body Engineer, is the Founder of The Merisoiu Technique - Institute Of Health And Human Movement and Dracula’s Retreat. She is also a qualified Low Back Pain Management and Prevention Exercise Instructor and REPS registered.

She specialises in working with runners, beginners and advanced, who want to run faster, further, with less effort and fewer injuries. This is done through natural movement fitness and running technique and mechanics drawn from the many disciplines Alexandra has studies throughout the years, including long distance running.

Since 1995 she has explored how the body and mind works. She has done this through using many different sporting techniques and working with a wide variety of highly respected coaches. Throughout her Martial Arts career she has achieved 3rd Dan Black Belt in Karate Shotokan, runs her own Karate club and is IJKA 2017 triple World Champion, 2016 WMO Martial Arts British National and European Champion. She still competes at an international level.

It is through these learnings, and drawing inspiration from respected natural movement names such as MovNat, IdoPortal and POSE Method of running among many others, that she has created The Merisoiu Technique and has established her own unique transformational programs that incorporate thousands of years of knowledge with Natural Human Movement.

Alexandra’s mission is to challenge the status quo of how to achieve the truly strong, fit and powerful body a runner needs to perform at their best level. This is done through building strong, lasting foundations in the natural outdoor environment; reducing the risk of injuries and educating people on the power of the fundamentals of natural human movement and running mechanics.

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