Richard Scrannage
Business Owner, Oxted
I have been running for about 6 years - not hardcore but at least 10K every week. I started training with Alex about 18 months ago - I see her once a week for 1.5 hours, sometimes twice. Having struggled with lower back pain for a number of years, Alex quickly diagnosed my issues and we put into practice a fantastic range of outdoor exercises that, within a few months had me running pain free. Her Natural Movement classes are definitely Leftfield but they are fun and challenging and bring results.

Business Owner, Oxted
I started seeing Alexandra after a back injury that wasn't healing. Her way of training was completely new to me and I have benefitted hugely from it. Not only has my back pain almost disappeared after 8 weeks but I am considerably stronger and am astounded at my progress. I am achieving things physically I never imagined I would be able to do. The biggest surprise to me has been the reduction in my stress levels, I would have put my stress at 9/10 before I started whereas now I would say 4 or 5 out of ten.

I love training outside in the woods, the feel good factor is amazing. Every session has been varied and have enjoyed every single one. As well as doing different things physically that challenge me I also learn something new at each session be it about nutrition, general health or interesting random facts!

Alexandra's passion for fitness, posture and general well being is infectious. She is inspirational and I can't recommend her highly enough.

Self Employed, Oxted
Lost 9kg in 3 months and became a runner!

I had put on some weight since having children and couldn't use them as an excuse anymore (it's been 8 years!!). I could see the extra weight not only in my body but my face as well and I didn't like it!! So I started working with Alexandra predominantly because I wanted to lose around 10-12kg

After an initial natural movement session I signed up to train twice every week for 3 months. I got results, went on holiday and upon my return, I signed up for long term natural movement fitness and running training.

Alongside the physical training, Alexandra kept a close eye on what I was eating. We wrote down everything I was eating over 7 days and then we started tweaking my nutritional habits. What I liked is that I didn't have to give up my favourite foods altogether, but rather control how much I was eating throughout the week. Being accountable to someone makes a massive difference when it comes to weight loss and results.

I had tried all sorts of diets before but the results didn't last because the type of food or the portions were not what I would normally eat, so as soon as the diet stopped, the weight crept up again. Seeing the weight drop off a little bit every week was a great motivator!

In the first 3 months I lost 9kg. What a huge difference!!! I went on holiday and I was ok to eat my favourite foods over the two weeks. The best part was that I didn't put all the weight back on. Training with Alexandra is not a quick fix so the results last and that makes a difference.

I was also never a runner but training with Alexandra has given me the confidence to start running, something I thought I would never do. Everything in Alexandra's training was completely new to me - posture, cardiovascular fitness, running technique, breathing, mobility, strength and power. She taught me all of this and I believe this will be useful for my future health and fitness.

Richard Matheson
Software Developer
I've been training with Alex for over 2 years. The changes in my body and mindset as a result have been profound. I'm so much more aware of how I move and how I hold my body, and I can respond to changes more effectively. My flexibility has improved a lot as well - I can touch my toes! [su_spacer] When I started training I ached all over and got out of breath after virtually each exercise, but my fitness level has massively improved. I actually enjoy running now, and I *never* thought I would say that. Alex has taught my how to run for longer and still keep my body light and relaxed. [su_spacer] I do a variety of different things each week - it doesn't get boring - it ranges from cardio to flexibility, to muscle training, to body movement. I don't miss going to the gym at all - when I do go the exercises there seem basic in comparison to what we can do in a natural environment. [su_spacer] My favourite exercise by far is tree scrambling, I love swinging myself from branch to branch in a tree. At the beginning I lacked the strength to go more than a couple of branches, but now I almost just flow right around the tree. [su_spacer] It still feels like the beginning of a journey - the more I learn, the more I find that there is more to learn and master, but it is a great journey and I have a great guide.

Pooja Sharma
I started working with Alexandra in late Feb this year [2015], and in the short few months have seen massive benefits in my fitness as well as general well being!

Her promotion line.. go from complete shut down to fully functional was designed for me, and I can say with confidence she delivers on that promise!

I had a lot going on when we started working together, and was resorting to stress eating to cope, going speedily down a vicious cycle where my fitness and general well being was concerned.. it took Alex a while to shake me out of that, but she adjusted her approach to suit my needs, ie – to suit my then fitness levels and also using language/messaging that would appeal to me and inspire me to go along with her suggestions!

I find myself fitter, more able physically, more in control generally, and more inspired to make wholesome choices, with nutrition in specific but my whole lifestyle in general!

I like the mix of 5 elements that she brings to her coaching the most – and I find a lot of coaching tips she gives me to help push my boundaries physically could apply to life in general, just as well.

So, all in all, a great 360 degree experience built on that symbiotic link between physical and emotional health. 

Through our interactions on the 1:1 coaching as well as reading all the materials (blogs, fb posts, videos/webcasts), Alex shares very generously, I have also learnt the relationship between seemingly unrelated things causing the aches/pains and injuries.

I am learning how to use my body with greater awareness so as to help existing injuries and prevent any in future. I like that her approach is built on building knowledge and awareness of ones body and its use, and making small changes to get long lasting transformational results. 

Another interesting learning for me has been how much I enjoy the outdoors. While I have always liked green open spaces, I never thought I would enjoy training outdoors.

I started training with Alex in Feb, through relatively cold weather and on an early morning slot, so I had my share of reservations on that, but I am happy to share that I have loved it more with every session.

It has helped build my resilience and hopefully given me something I could continue with going forwards, on my own!

She also actively builds and nurtures a community of like minded, interested folk through her social media activity – and I have found motivation through that community as well!

All in all, highly recommended!

Emma Perry
Working with Alex has been truly liberating. I am beginning to understand the importance of being in nature, combined with breaking the rules (i.e. being unlady-like, as well as running/crawling through mud and streams).

I believe one of the best things you can deliver to a client is a sense of empowerment; this is the foundation of Alex’s coaching.

I originally started working with Alex as I was feeling depressed and finding it impossible to work my way out of my comfort zone without help. Alex has definitely helped me move out of my comfort zone, which has allowed me to achieve this in other areas of my life too.

Her training has also brought with it an awesome sense of empowerment and self-belief.

My boyfriend appears to be incredibly happy with the changes in my body, as I am beginning to get a more athletic, yet womanly shape. Given that I struggle with liking my body, I think one of the most significant things that Alex is going to teach me is to learn to love my body, and how to look after it (from a physical and nutritional aspect).

The most significant improvement to date has been a change in athletic ability as Alex gradually turns me into a Ninja, and teaches me the kind of techniques, that only athletes would normally get the opportunity of learning.

Tone Tellefsen Hughes
Alexandra took me and a gang of four 13-14 year olds on a workshop in the woods recently. We spent 2,5 hours in our local woods, exercising in a way you would never  have done before. Alexandra teaches you how to get fit with the countryside, as a natural gym, using the trees, branches, dips and curves and different terrain you might find in your local woods. [su_spacer] She taught us posture, alignment and how to create length and strength, as well as mindfulness. The girls loved it. They had such fun and could not believe how much they got out of training like this in nature, and how fit you can get, as well as grounded. [su_spacer] I would recommend anyone of any age to train with Alexandra. She has the whole package of body, mind and nature, and fun. Thank you for a truly inspiring and unforgettable day!

Mariepaul Pierson

Before trying it, I did not think the lean was anything special, that I was doing it anyway, basically I wasn’t convinced. I decided to give it a serious try anyway, combined with elongating the spine. I was tired and not very energetic this morning and thought this would be perfect for a slow practice.

As I started applying the lean, it felt rather strange, like shuffling forward like an old woman, falling, stumbling, certainly not feeling very elegant. I carried on, alternating with hammer arms now and again when I felt tired and constantly concentrating on elongating the spine. The lean forced me to take smaller, faster steps too. I didn’t realise I was running at a faster pace, it felt more like dragging myself lower on the ground instead of the happy bouncing I usually do, more like an exhausted falling forward end-of-race position.

<br></br> Well I am completely astonished. I ran 5 km in 28 minutes, my fastest ever (except that time 2 years ago when I ended up vomiting, but I wouldn’t count that as a success) and I wasn’t even feeling up for a run this morning. Normally I have to really push myself hard to reach 5 km below 31 minutes! I gained 50 seconds per km speed on my first attempt. this is amazing!

I can’t recommend this technique enough. I am totally convinced – elated! Thank you so much!

Andrada Maria Brisc
I am an entrepreneur, running my own music school in London, AB Music Dream.

Working with people can be fun, but it can be challenging as well. Therefore having a balanced physical and mental health is crucial. Teaching singing and piano and working with ages from 5 to 70 is rewarding  but demands a lot of patience and flexibility.

I have been training with Alexandra since June 2014 and I felt a significant change even after just the first few sessions.

Alexandra’s approach during the sessions not only helped me work towards my personal and physical goals, but also helped my business. Guiding me to find calmness and confidence which a job as a tutor, manager and performer require.

On the other side of my career, Alexandra has had a huge influence as well.

As a concert pianist and classical singer, a good health and keeping myself fit are on top of the list. A controlled posture, a better awareness of the movements I do in my daily life, good breathing and better management in stressful situations are just a few of the key elements I gained during my sessions with Alexandra.

I highly recommend Alexandra for any type of training, but especially for individuals who deal with stress and would like to improve the quality of their lives in all aspects, physical, mental, emotional. 

Cinthya Quijano
Mentally I felt much more relaxed and did not allow time pressure to overtake my thoughts for the rest of the day.

I found time flew with Alexandra and this made a massive difference of when once upon a time I tried to “train” myself to go to the gym. She made me feel at ease and relaxed even when working out!

I would definitely recommend Alexandra as a trainer…she will exercise not only your body but also your mind.

Martina Sapelli
I have started working with Alex a couple of months back [August 2015] and it has been complete boost to my confidence. [su_spacer] She has proven to be there even when she is not, through her encouragement and positive guidance. [su_spacer] Her background and her way of conducting herself make her the perfect combo to approach any situation, for difficult the challenge it may be. [su_spacer] She does not seem to stop learning and researching in order to shape even better her take in a very holistic way. [su_spacer size="9"] I would highly recommend anybody to work with her. Many, many thanks Alex.

Elena Vasati
Thank you so much for the session on Saturday. I was jet lagged, sluggish and not very confident. You managed to take me out of my comfort zone and I could feel how I was breaking a mental barrier. As I said I want to commit to another three months and now that I have started to feel a bit more agile I want to build up the habits and routines to get me there. Overall, I want what everyone does, a toned lean body, but to be honest I like how the sessions challenge me mentally too. So thanks for that and keep doing what you are doing.