The Merisoiu Technique


The Merisoiu Technique takes you Out Of The Gym And Back To Nature.

It is more than just a fun fitness activity or a boot camp, it is Body Mastery. It’s a series of techniques and sequences careful selected from over 20 years of Martial Arts and other sports such as Natural Movement Fitness (inspired by MovNat & IdoPortal) and Obstacle Course Racing.

Running (inspired by Pose Method & Natural Running Technique), walking, crawling, jumping, hanging, lifting, carrying, throwing, catching, are all broken down and slowed down to ensure we moe in the most efficient way – achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort – reducing the risks of injuries (which can put you off training) and fine tuning how the body functions, like clockwork.



Body Mastery

Just like Martial Arts, The Merisoiu Technique it is a journey where you learn and discover:

  • how to master your body and do anything you but your mind to
  • how your body functions – including posture, balance and moving in ways your body was meant to move
  • how and what it needs to work like clockwork
  • how to avoid injuries and prepare your body for the unexpected (i.e. running into a hole in the ground)
  • how the body is supposed to function and why that way (biomechanics)
  • how to get strong and powerful body
  • the key to self confidence – physical and psychological – connected to how you carry your body


The problem we see today across the fitness industry is the emphasis on quantity, not quality. They promote on short training sessions to squeeze them in between our other commitments. This approach leads to many prolonged physical injuries, coupled with lack of motivation and meaning behind exercising.

What many people fail to understand is that weight loss (the focus of today’s society) comes and goes – but a damaged body will never fully recover.

We believe that the fitness industry is educating people in the wrong direction.

And so Our Mission is to challenge the status quo of how to get a fit, strong and powerful body and mind.



The Merisoiu Technique is meant to let you go wild. Our training venues give you that feeling or going wild, Here’s how Nadia put it:

Nadia Jafar
Jogging [warm up] in the middle of the open field submerged with nature I absolutely loved it and more so because it was raining and cold, it made it more challenging.  It was everything I wouldn’t and haven’t done before…It Was Liberating.

In the end being physically outside the concrete and mental boxes will change the way you move and think.


Who is it for?

Firstly, The Merisoiu Technique is for men and women who believe there is more to fitness than calorie counting. For those who desire to have a body that runs like clock work with less pain and more freedom of movement.

This is more than just fitness and fun, it is body mastery, technique and only for those who are consistent.

Unless you are consistent with your training you will never get the full benefits The Technique brings with it. Just like Martial Arts it is about discipline and practice.

Whether you are fit or unfit if you have a desire to learn and practice something you can excel at, this is for you.

Second, The Merisoiu Technique is for men and women who have a passion they want to excel at. We optimize how the body functions to reach peak performance,

Running technique, mobility and flexibility, lifting, carrying, throwing, crawling, these are the natural way to strengthen your body starting with foundations helping you to reach peak performance.

Our clients are often entrepreneurs and people who work in the corporate world and need to escape and INTO THE WILD.


How The Merisoiu Technique was created

In Tai Chi philosophy: Injury is the natural consequence of meeting brute force with brute force. This is how we move, run, walk, lift and use our bodies daily in today’s society: using force and strength.
This lack of awareness and softness is causing us a lot of pain.  And the thing is when we have pain it doesn’t show up until later in life.
When Alexandra created The Merisoiu Technique it was because her clients wanted to get fit, strong and powerful.
However they also needed to understand how their bodies function, how to move soft and fluid and how to prevent injury as much as possible. And it was essential not to sacrifice the later for the former.
It was imperative for them to understand the difference between tension and relaxation, intentional movement, posture and balance and counterbalance.
The Mindful Control component is where Alexandra’s clients learn to bring together or to align body, breath, and mind.
And then to catapult their results we brought in the physical and psychological benefits and the freedom of training outdoors all year round. Benefits such as strength and emotional balance. And of course the nutrition and healthy habits part.

Your next step

Would you like to have your body run like clockwork?

Do you believe there is more to fitness than calorie counting?

If you feel The Merisoiu Technique is something you’d like to experience, then your next step is to email Alexandra or book a call with her and see which options are available for you and upcoming taster sessions.