Running Book Review: Running Well by Sam Murphy and Sarah Connors

Running Book Review Running Well by Sam Murphy and Sarah Connors

Among the many books in my running library you can find Running Well by Sam Murphy and Sarah Connors.

What I really liked about this book and made it one of my go to books for running injuries is the “Injury time” chapter.

It’s amazingly detailed, with pictures of joints and muscles involved in the injury, and what to do and who to go to when you suspect an injury, which I believe it’s extremely informative for the recreational runner.

Running Well also has “injury maps” which take you through an “injury journey” using arrows to guide you from the location of the pain to a possible diagnosis and a quick fix suggested by the authors. It goes like this:

  • where you feel the pain
  • what type of pain you feel
  • when you feel the pain
  • possible cause
  • possible diagnosis
  • quick fix

The maps are simple, straight forward, easy to follow and it makes for a book you go to over and over again.

For each injury you have exercises which help rehab or to manage the injury. This book has a rather complete approach to injuries.

Another topic I haven’t found so detailed in other books is on “Prevention and treatment of common running ailments and annoyances” where we find out how to manage athlete’s foot, blisters and corns, black toenail, the stitch, muscle cramps, hyponatremia (caused by drinking too much water) and more. Yet another plus for Running Well.

Other topics in the Running Well book include:

  • Running form
  • Training plans and exercises for strength, stability, mobility and flexibility and, to my surprise, because it’s the first book on running I find this topic in, nerve “flossing” exercises
  • Running shoes and running shoe anatomy
  • Returning to running from injury
  • Nutrition

Congratulations Sam Murphy and Sarah Connors for a very well written book on running.

Highly recommended for all runners if you want to:

  • keep your body healthy and keep running in the years to come
  • reduce the risk of injuries and understand what’s happening when you get injured
  • understand the important of running shoes and how to choose them
  • design training sessions and programmes to best fit you


Harmonee Wristband – Blocking electromagnetic frequencies

This is our little experiment with the Harmonee Wristband using applied Kinesiology muscle testing (I am not a Kinesiology practitioner).

I cannot guarantee the product and its benefits, however according to Harmonee Health, the wristband blocks out incoming frequency interference which are harmful for the body, thus promoting better sleep, helping the immune system and is working with your body’s natural frequencies.

Check out their website.

Ion8 Water Bottle – Versatile And Leakproof

There is so much to say about this little water bottle, Ion8. Over the past 6 months or so I’ve been using it for many different drinks:

  • water
  • hot tea
  • lemonade – homemade, sqeezed lemon (or lime), with honey and mint leaves
  • chia seeds drink – water, honey, chia seeds and lime
  • orange and grapefruit juice homemade with pulp


I used it for running, cycling, karate training, karate competitions, even at business meetings. It pretty much fits in any environment I find.


Easy to wash

The reason I could have juice with pulp is because the nozzle can be washed! This is one of the features I love most. The pulp, or honey, will not stick inside the nozzle. You can actually wash it away!


Leak proof

Along with the ease of washing the Ion8 water bottle is also leak proof with its lid lock system. I’ve had it in my back pack in all possible positions, inclduing upside down. And after 6 months of using it daily it’s still perfectly leak proof.



No more dirt

I used to get the nozzle full of dirt with the regular water bottles, because the nozzle was not covered. So I would eat dirt and wash it down with water. Ion8 water bottle fixed that for me with it’s lid that protects the nozzle from dirt and touching it with dirty hands.


Hot drinks

Another awesome thing about the Ion8 bottle is that you can take hot drink with you, up to 90 degrees celsius. When we train outdoors in winter having a hot drink in your backpack is such comfort. No more separate thermos bottles. Although it may not keep it hot as a thermos would, at 90 degrees, it keeps it rather warm throughout 1-2 hours session. So I’m perfectly happy with that.


Just tilt

No more sqeezing the bottle until something comes out of it. With the Ion8 water bottle is enough to just tilt and pour.


One hand

The lid opens with one hand (tested) and locks close. I found that very useful when cycling.


BPA free

Finally, the Ion8 water bottle is BPA free, phthalate free, non-toxic TRITAN is dishwasher safe.


Soon we will have Ion8 water bottles with The Merisoiu Technique brand, so stay posted. If you can’t wait have a look at their website.

If you want an Ion8 water bottle with The Merisoiu Technique fill in the form below and we will get back to you when they’re ready: