Running With Lower Back Pain – Testimonial Client Experience

Richard experienced sore back after running. We knew it was a non-specific lower back pain (i.e. not caused my disc problems, accidents etc) so we could work together.

Over the 12 months we’ve worked once a week to develop strength, flexibility and mobility through natural movement. We also corrected his running form to make it less destructive on his joints and body as a whole.

There were many many changes in his running form over the past 12 months which lead to NO MORE BACK PAIN!! during or after running.

But it’s not over. Next steps: fine tune technique, optimise performance and address other subtle imbalances, tension and restrictions in the body.

Well done Richard!

This is what we look at on the Running Technique Workshop. Of course, changing the way you move and use your body takes time, but on the workshop you will leave with a few concepts that, if used, can make a huge difference.

While same results cannot be guaranteed, with practice, natural running technique will help you run faster, further, with less effort and fewer injuries.

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Three Words To Describe The Session – Oxted Surrey

Three Words To Describe The Session - Oxted Surrey

I asked each participant to describe the session in 3 words. This was their first time meeting me and doing something like this. The session was exhausting but so rewarding.


Alison: Challenging, Exhausting and Exhilarating
Marielouise: Awesome, Froggy and Quite Dirty
Eva: Novel, Energetic and a lot of Fun
Fiona: Exhilarating, Tiring and Lovely
Mihai: Intense, Natural and Reassuring
Maria: Energetic, Fun and Cheerful

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