Workout In Your Daily Routine – Stairs

Enough with the boring going up and the down the stairs, or even taking time out of your busy schedule to plan your workout.

To work your body throughout the day, every time you go up the stairs, at the top DO A PRESS-UP. Every time you go down the stairs, at the top DO A PRESS-UP.

Depending on your level of fitness and time, you can do more than 1 of course. But if you are at the beginning of your journey, it’s enough to start with one.

Lose weight, tone your body and enjoy.

How To Lose Weight Without Compromising Your Health

In our pursuit to lose weight and achieve the body we desire, we tend to forget what is actually more important: health.

In the video below I talk about nutrition and exercise mistakes which, although might help us lose weight, compromise our health.

Summary of video

In terms of nutrition, many people have the tendency of jumping from one diet to another simply because one didn’t work within the set time frame, or didn’t work as good as they expected.

As a result we create chaos in the body. It doesn’t have time ti adapt to any diet and, where there is no adaptation, there is no progress.

As a consequence of jumping from one weight loss diet to another, the body doesn’t have time to take in the nutrients that comes from a specific diet, it didn’t have time to adapt to it, provided it is a good diet.

We need nutrients, including fats, for healthy bones, skin, eyes, organs and everything else. We forget that food is fuel, and we focus on food as a weight gain-weight loss game.

Furthermore, losing weight for a few months is nonsense. We must maintain a balanced weight and a lifestyle diet throughout the year. Even if our weight oscillates by a 2-3 kg, that is still a balanced weight.


In terms of exercise, although all forms of exercise have their place at the right time, when we pursue weight loss we tend to forget that burning calories is not the most important. We must ensure we are educated by coaches who are qualified and study movement.

Why? Well, if you lose weight at the expense of a damaged body, you have achieved nothing. Absolutely nothing. If you lose weight but get back pain, knee pain or damage a shoulder, it’s all gone. A damaged body will never fully recover.

Thus, take your time with exercise, and shift your focus from calorie burning to performing movement correct.


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Default Behaviours And How They Sabotage Your Fitness Results

Default behaviours, or habits, are the ones you get back to in moments of stress, exhaustion, anger or any kind of situation where, for some reason, you don’t think about your actions as deeply as you usually do.

Default behaviours can sabotage any kind of results, whether we talk about diet, fitness, business or even personal development.


Examples of default behaviours 

Running technique – even if you know the correct running technique, when your body gets tired you go back to your old technique, or habits, running habit in this case.

Weight loss – upon your return from work, you are very hungry, tired and had a difficult day, and you’ve used your will power throughout the day, instead of having a fresh vegetable salad, it’s easier and more satisfying to have chocolate cake, crisps or a doughnut.

Fitness – when “life gets in the way”, or you are very busy you might say “I don’t have time”, but actually you are going back to your default behaviour(s).


And so you make some progress, then you go back to the start line. Then you make some progress again, only to go back. And so on so forth. Default behaviours can sabotage your results.


How to override default behaviours


What you speak

Every time you speak you unconsciously give a command to your brain. And you brain listens and learns but it doesn’t like interdictions.

Instead of saying “I am not allowed to have….ice cream” or “I shouldn’t have….”, say “I can have it but i choose not to have it now”.



The more and the longer you practice a behaviour it becomes more permanent. Every time you repeat it, it’s like hammering a nail in a board, it goes deeper in your system every time, until it’s firmly rooted.

Forget the 21 days, 44 days 66 days which, according to some research, makes habits stick. None of these numbers, not even doing the same habit for 365 days, will guarantee it will still be there 24 months later.

Practice (count the days if you want to) every day, or every week, depending on how you have set up your schedule.


Acknowledge it

Awareness of your default behaviours is half the battle won. Identify your default behaviours and then start working around them.


If you struggle

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How To Lose Weight If You Have A Sedentary Job


I was asked by one of my readers to write about how they can lose weight when they have a 10 hour job where they sit most of the time.

There are 2 main, important areas you have to look at

  1. Physical activity
  2. Nutrition

Basically to lose weight you have to use more energy than you take it. There is much more to that, it’s not that simple, but for most people who don’t have any health complications, this works to begin with. Let’s keep it simple shall we? So use more energy than you take it, or burn more calories than you eat.


Physical activity

Ok, but you are working in the corporate sector, sit 90% of the time at your desk and in meetings, the only time you move around is to go to the printer across the room and to the meeting rooms. So how can you possibly do any physical activity when you are trapped between 4 walls?

Don’t panic, the answer is: incorporate movement in your work! and burn calories.  I’ll tell you how:

1. Get off the tube or bus 1-2, even 3, stops earlier and walk

2. Park your car far from your office so you walk more

3. Always take the stairs, especially when you are in a rush. You know why.4

4. Go for a walk in your lunch break. If you have showers at the office, go for a run. If you have a gym in the building go for a workout. This can be 10 min, 15, 30 min. It doesn’t matter, move more.

5. Stand when you talk to your colleagues, sometimes with you type at your computer, when you read papers, drink your tea/coffee or water


Try these over the next week and let me know how it goes.



Weight loss is 85% diet. However, a diet is not something you go on, a diet is a series of habits you change and improve. So let’s begin shall we?

1. Water. Your brain, internal organs, you whole body is make of water. Together with food it is the fuel for your body. Around 80%, some say more up to 90%. Regardless of the percentage it’s undeniable that you are made of water. If you want to function at your peak performance and lose weight drink pure water, not water with strawberry taste, not coffee or tea. Pure water, the element you and this Earth are made of. Drink about 8 glasses of water daily. more if you are very active. You will know, you will need it

2. Snacks. The amount of time we are active vs sedentary, does NOT justify the amount of calories we put into our bodies. While, in general, I’d say have snacks, if you are sedentary 8-10 hours a day, cut down on them until you eliminate them out of your diet. If you are used to snacking this may take a while. DO NOT jump off snacking all of a sudden. It may work for some people, but other can relapse. You must see what works for you.

3. Cooked food. Have meals for lunch. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar. Lunch must be a meal. Why? Because you need more energy for the day than you need after you have dinner. Give you body food.

4. Unprocessed. Eat food that is as close to their natural state as possible. Processed food, that has be tampered with by humans, is not good. Cook your food home. Weight loss happens in the kitchen.

5. Fat Free? There are 2 main ingredients that makes something taste very good and addictive: fats and sugars. If it’s less of one, it’s more of the other. No more fat free stuff. You will also feel more satisfied, faster and for longer, thus eating less in the process, and losing weight.


What I gave you here might not do miracles, but implementing some, if not all, over the next 4-6 weeks will place you on the right track to being healthier and losing weight.

I can give you lots more ideas, but start with these. What’s the point in giving you 20 ideas and action none. Take one step at a time, your mind is busy enough.


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How To Get And Stay Fit, Healthy And Slim Without Struggle

How to get fit, healthy and slim without struggle

There is more to fitness than calorie counting and “chasing” weight loss. Many people get disappointing by the fact that weight goes up and down over several months, and just give up. What is the point right?

So how can you get and stay fit, healthy and slim without even thinking about it. Without making weight loss a life long pursuit? I explain everything in this video:

Tools And Methods For Tracking Your Progress

To make any progress you must know where you are, where you want to be, how you are going to get there and how you will measure or track the progress.

Some things will work for you, while others will not. How will you find out what works? And how will you find out if you are heading in the right direction? Through some form of measurements. And the more you know the better.

Try to see these numbers as guidelines towards your end goal. Try not to attach emotions to them, no matter what they show, they are there to help you.


These are a few examples on how to measure your weight loss progress, body fat percentage, maybe you want progress in term of circumference, muscle mass, etc. I will give you methods you can use home by yourself, and they are not expensive. So let’s get to it:


Measuring tape  

When you want to reduce waist circumference. Done in the morning and no clothes to ensure reliability of measurements – measurements must be taken under similar conditions to be able to compare them.



If you simply want to see different numbers. Scales can misleading though. If you drink a liter of water you will be heavier, yet there is not more fat there.If you replace fat with muscle the number on the scale will not change and can even go up.

It is a nonetheless a way to monitor your weight loss progress and for maintenance, and must be used in the morning naked to ensure consistent measurement conditions.

Some scales show the fat % as well as bone density and water %. Depending on which scale it is, it can do more or less.


Skinfold calipers

One of the best ways, and most accurate ways to measure body fat percentage, without . It is done skinfold and it looks like this:


If you ever buy one you should find all the instructions of how to use it and where on the body.


Heart rate monitor

Some use heart rate to monitor the intensity of their training. I personally have never used this type of monitoring but it’s nonetheless a good way to set your goals.


Hand held body fat analyzer

You enter your details such as height, weight, age etc, you hold it front of you with your arms straight and wait until it measures. If you google the name you will find them.

These are probably more precise than scales but not more precise than skinfold calipers. Measures fat percentage, muscle mass, heart rate (at rest or after exercise), BMI (body mass index). Depending on the model it can do more or less.


Other ways of monitoring progress in terms of training goals: Distance
Or a combination of them.


For flexibility you can use a ruler or measuring tape to see where you stop (i.e. where you stop when you reach your toes, do the box split or any other stretches that can be measured).


In terms of weight loss I’d use the skinfold calipers. This is a brief explanation of how these tools work, but enough to give you an idea of how to measure your own progress. Of course you can always contact me to discuss in more detail, and what it best for you specific goals.

How To Lose Weight Part Five

Let’s wrap this up. There are 3 reactions that take place in the body at any given time: Physical, Mental and Chemical. We talked about them in the first 4 parts of How to lose weight series.

Every body has an ideal weight. To reach that weight and keep it all the 3 systems must be in balance.

Your style of life is the way you live you life day by day. It can come in many shapes and colours, but it is your style of life. And it’s shaped by the choices you make every day. That’s not meant to scare you, but rather make you understand that you are in control.

Whether you struggle with weight to put it on or off it’s all about the lifestyle. But not your lifestyle today, or last year. No, it’s about your lifestyle in time, over the last 5, 6, 7 or more years. Your lifestyle today will impact your lifestyle years from now.

Weight gain starts inside our bodies, they are like injuries we cannot see, and they manifest at the surface a few years down the road. It is long terms habits that lead to weight gain, thus it is long term habits, of another kind, that will bring you back to your balanced weight.


Changing your lifestyle

A style of life is made up of many small elements, we call those habits. These habits are being built and they change change over the years. That’s good, every year we are different, we want and need different things so our choices and habits change. So does our style of life.

Because you have created this style of life over many years, you cannot expect now to make sustainable changes in a few weeks or even months. It may not take the same number of years it took you to put on the weight, but it won’t happen in a few months either, if you want it to be sustainable.


Don’t lose weight to be healthy, be healthy to lose weight

One of the biggest mistake I believe people make when they try to lose weight is to focus only on that: I HAVE TO LOSE WEIGHT.

The thing is weight will always go up and down. It’s a roller coaster. That is why many people give up after a few months. What’s the point, right? Over 2 months one may lose 3 kg and put on 4kg. Then lose 2kg and put on 1kg. But in there there’s 1kg less than when you started.

However, it is not fast enough for the fast paced world we live in. And so we get disappointed and frustrated, which doesn’t help with weight loss either. Focusing on health and giving the body the best fuel to work with will also lead to the weight loss you desire. And you can keep this over prolonged periods of time without feeling under pressure or a burden.


There is more to health than weight loss

If one’s focus is on health and being fit and strong physically and mentally, and less on weight loss (numbers on the scale are there as a guide and one should not put too much feelings into them) that’s when we create sustainable changes.

Counting calories, kilograms and days, waiting to see a notable change from one day to another, is not lasting change. Lansting change it taking each day at a time.

At the end of the day you go to bed with a smile on your face thinking “I gave my body the best fuel to work with. I am stronger and I feel excellent”. Rather than “The scale today showed 1 kg more than yesterday. Tomorrow. I have to eat less and run 1h to burn those calories”.

Which attitude do you think will make you stick to your new habits for years to come?


There is no perfect way

We are physically, psychologically and chemically different, and not everything will work for everyone. If you struggle to lose weight, you must patiently search until you find the way that works best for you.

The lifestyle, sustainable diet for you, the type of exercise or sport you love and gives you the results you seek, and the other activities that make you live with a positive attitude.

I wrote a lot about nutritional guidelines. If you want to read those articles give a shout and I will send you the links. Contact me.

Also read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 of How to lose weight.

How To Lose Weight Part Four

Chemical reactions are one of the three reactions taking place in your body at any given time, together with physical and psychological. Although I wrote about them in separate articles they are part of a system. None of them stand on their own and each of them influence and are influenced by the other 2.

Chemical reactions keep the body alive. There are trillions of reactions taking place in the body and, collectively they are known as metabolism.

Chemical compounds can be breathed in or swallowed, sometimes absorbed through the skin. While we need some of them to be able to live, others harm us. There are situations we cannot control, others we can control to a certain degree and others we can control more to reduce the quantity of chemicals we ingest and breath in.

Toxins are absorbed by the body and can affect hormones, digestion and other chemical reactions in the body, while helping our bodies store more and more fat. It is important to minimize the toxins we welcome in our bodies. And here are a few ways to do that, think about each of them and whether you can even improve them.

I do believe that nutrition, which we have more control over, is the first thing to address. By tackling eating habits we can lose weight by reducing the amount of calories, toxins we ingest, give the body what it needs to be and stay healthy and have a healthy digestion. While in other articles I talk more about nutrition habits, here I will not go into detail but remind you about a few of them:

  • nutrition – eat organic when possible
  • know the source of your food – the more local the better as they are not treated to last days of transportation
  • less processed food – particularly if it’s not cooked by yourself
  • digestion – this is an important part of weight loss, these are chemical reactions. By eating less processed food (steamed instead of fried or boiled, raw instead of cooked, local instead of overseas) we can significantly improve our digestion and lose weight
  • no fast food (not just less) – at all, they might taste nice but what’s in them is not what you want in your body…..I don’t what to know more than I already do to be honest, but if you do want to know more there are thousands of resources out there, James Oliver has done a great job in his batter with fast food chains, check out his website and google about him and fast food battle.
  • workout – while I encourage the outdoors, I do not encourage the city; your workouts, walks and runs are a great way to invite pollution into your body; we now also train (classes and personal training) in Oxted, South of London, about 35 min with the train. It is not close for many but society has made it difficult for us to breathe cleaner air so we adapt, will you? Check out our coaching programs, click here.
  • air in your house – now this is more difficult to clean, unless you are willing and have the financial possibility to invest in devices to purify the air, otherwise you can reduce the chemicals in the air you breath by, for example, reducing the amount of sprays you use (all those good smelling sprays are not natural, you can’t “buy” nature with a few quid, stop putting money in their pockets and use things like citrus fruits to make your house smell nice, buy some flowers, use essential oils and if you are outside the city open the windows!!)

Digestion plays an important part in weight loss, so the key is to balance the physical (exercise), mental (reduce stress) and chemical (digestion and quality of food). Digestion and quality of food we can control to lose weight and reduce toxins in our bodies as well.

This is the 3rd of the three reactions taking place in the body. Read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 as well. There’s one more coming so keep an eye out for it.

How To Lose Weight Part Three

After we talked about the 3 reaction that take place in our bodies at any given time: physical, psychological and chemical, in Part I, and about how to keep the physical side in balance, or strive to keep it in balance, in Part II, we will now talk about psychological aspects of weight gain and weight loss.

Read Part I and Part II before continuing.
Psychological reactions means stress, depression, frustration, worry, anxiety and so on. We already know that stress causes imbalance at a hormonal level. we talked a bit about cortisol hormone in Part II.

A bit of stress is alright, but excessive stress can also affect thyroid function. And when hormones are out of balance we may experience excessive weight gain, even if we exercise and eat healthy. You can’t have 2 and not the 3rd, all three reactions have to be in balance, or as close to it at possible.

No need to explain more about the negative impact of stress on your health. I’d rather give you a list of bullet point ideas of how to actually reduce stress. You may have already done some and didn’t work, try others.
For example meditation doesn’t always work with me, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. That’s why I have many other ways to relax. And here are some of them for you to try as well:


  • Breathing – stress and anxiety? Do some breathing exercises and you will be like new. To download a FREE ebook I wrote on breathing exercises click here.
  • Meditate – just close your eyes and focus on your breath, the sounds around you or parts of your body you want to relax, no need for fancy stuff, just do nothing for a while
  • Run – go for a run if you are a runner, and go for a run even if you are not a runner, put some gym shoes on and run…outdoors where you have space and room to breathe
  • Martial Arts – chose a martial art and be consistent with your training, it’s great stress releaver even if you don’t punch pads (Martial Arts are not always about punching bag and pads, not until you actually learn how to punch)
  • Sleep – take a power nap; when I am stressed I also feel tired, sometimes a nap is all I need so I can get back to work and be very productive
  • Eat – have a nice, healthy and satisfying meal, not comfort food, rather food with healthy fats, unprocessed carbs and protein, all you need and crave from comfort food but healthier and in another form
  • Walk – go for a walk, sometimes this is all we need to clear our mind
  • Social media and email? – no, no, this is not what you need, this will stress you even more, disconnect, you are not addicted to it. If you believe you are turn off internet on your phone when you are out for that walk, turn off the phone even


So here they are, a few suggestions to keep the mental part calm and happy.

Remember exercising and eating healthy are just part of your weight loss journey. If you want to do this, do it right, quick fixes will get you short lasting results.
Look at your style of life, make the necessary changes and you will see how, little by little, your whole life will change.


Read Part I and Part II of How to lose weight


How To Lose Weight Part Two

In Part 1 of how to lose weight we talked about the three reactions that take place in the body at any given time: physical, psychological and chemical. If you haven’t read part 1 read that first, click here.

The 3 reactions influence each other. And when one is out of balance the other 2 will be as well. If you are very stressed out (psychological), the brain will send resources to deal with the problem. However it will take resources from the other 2 system and so hormones are affected. With hormones out of balance, because we know too much stress affects hormones, many people easily gain weight.

Stress can be psychological and physical as well. For example, too much exercise, I mean really too much, causes the body to release more of the cortisol hormone, and so does mental stress. Cortisol is a double edge sword, it’s always there and we need it, but too much of it can cause weight gain and other problems.

Today I only want to talk about how you can keep the physical reactions in balance.

Your style of life

Whether skinny or not, healthy or not, fit or not, you have a style of life. A way you live your life day by day.

We are all a bundle of habits. This is not a bad thing, if we didn’t have habits there will be no consistency and no progress. On the other hand if the habits are not the best ones, being consistent with them is not what we want.

Now it is time to look at your style of life. So here are a few questions for you to ask yourself and answer honestly:

Do I walk at least 30 min every day?
Do I exercise and move in proportion to what I eat?
Am I using the energy (calories) I ingest throughout the day?
Am I training and conditioning my body to develop muscles which keep my metabolism up and running? (walking and running alone are not enough)
Within the week, do I walk, run and move in proportion to the amount of time I sit?
Do I always keep a good posture, even when no one is looking?
Do I stretch enough so I never feel my body stiff or muscles tight?

The list can go on. These are questions you can answer yourself and you can start changing them one by one.

To summarize here are ways you can ensure your body is fit and strong:

  • within the week move more than you sit, or at least the same amount of time – your body was no designed to sit for hours
  • train your whole body, not just upper and lower body, full body training is essential for a full system development
  • train your heart (cardiovascular) but also your muscles (strength)
  • walk, run, lift, carry, throw, catch etc move in as many ways as possible
  • balance exercises – don’t underestimate the power of balance for strong foot muscles, ankles, knees and core
  • have a strong core as that is where every movement starts from
  • develop your core through a many different exercises – never limit yourself to just a few you like
  • stretch your body daily or whenever you have time – here is a full body stretch for you

See what changes you can make. You don’t need to change everything. Identify the most important areas and start working on them.

Remember that progress is made through small changes and not the most complicated processes.

And always bear in my that no matter what you strive for, if you are not out of your comfort zone you are not making much progress.

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