The Best Exercise For Your Triceps


Have you ever thought whether there is a different exercise out there, more interesting and less boring than the usual diamond pressups and triceps extension? Among the best arm workouts you can do is this funny looking exercise, which uses only your own body weight? Yeah, you hear me right, I am an advocate of body weight training. That’s because for the majority of people, body weight training is enough and it can be progressed and regressed.

Furthermore if you practice this triceps exercise you not only tone your triceps bu you also:

  • improve your posture (probably the number 1 benefits of this triceps exercise in my opinion)
  • strengthen your core muscles (abdominal muscles, side of the abdomen, back muscles, hips and diaphragm)
  • protect your lower back and reduce the risk of low back pain (for many people standing exercises or pressups and planks can be detrimental if they do not have good core control and body awareness; problem solved with this triceps exercise)
  • stabilize your shoulder joint (stronger in a safer way)
  • stretching and opening up the chest and shoulders
  • shoulder mobility
  • mobility in wrists and ankles
  • finger strength (particularly if you practice on uneven terrain, such as the outdoors)

What does all this mean to you? It means you can have a toned, strong, fit, healthy and truly powerful body in a safer way (this is key). Well….you must do other exercises of this type as well, do develop the body all round.

When I say “of this type” I mean exercises that work more than just big muscles in the body, think about posture, fingers, toes, mobility, flexibility and much more.

Remember, you are as strong as your weakest link.

That’s why I believe this is triceps exercise is among the best out there. One that enables you to strengthen your body in a safer way than other methods.

Here’s a video we made at one of The MTI Online Academy :┬áThe Crab Walk or Inverted Crawl.



Three Words To Describe The Session – Oxted Surrey

Three Words To Describe The Session - Oxted Surrey

I asked each participant to describe the session in 3 words. This was their first time meeting me and doing something like this. The session was exhausting but so rewarding.


Alison: Challenging, Exhausting and Exhilarating
Marielouise: Awesome, Froggy and Quite Dirty
Eva: Novel, Energetic and a lot of Fun
Fiona: Exhilarating, Tiring and Lovely
Mihai: Intense, Natural and Reassuring
Maria: Energetic, Fun and Cheerful

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