Factors Leading To Running Injuries – Flexibility And Mobility

When you run your muscles contact and expand. Hundreds of times, maybe even thousands for long distance runners.  Tight muscles and joints can lead to all sorts of injuries including knee pain, lower back pain, plantar fasciitis, muscle cramps.   Working on your flexibility and mobility as a runner means you […]


Lower Back Pain – Exercise To Reduce Tension And Stiffness In Your Lower Back

A lot of people suffer from low back pain. And there are many reasons we suffer from back pain. These group into specific and non-specific low back pain. Specific means we know the exact cause of your back pain (i.e. slipped disc, accident etc). This needs medical attention. Non-Specific back pain, […]


The Best Exercise For Your Triceps

Have you ever thought whether there is a different exercise out there, more interesting and less boring than the usual diamond pressups and triceps extension? Among the best arm workouts you can do is this funny looking exercise, which uses only your own body weight? Yeah, you hear me right, […]

3 Exercises For Hip Mobility And Stability For Runners

A strong and stable hip joint reduces the risk of injury in your pelvic joints, spine and knees. It also promotes a good posture, as there is no limitation in the hips flexors area (above the thighs, the muscles which help you bring your knee up, that’s hips flexion) and you […]

Flexibility And Mobility – Methods, Types Of Stretching And When To Stretch

Methods Of Stretching   Active Stretching In active stretching there is no outside assistance, no walls, or other person stretching you. It involves actively contracting one muscle or muscle group in order to stretch its opposing muscle group. When you stretch your triceps, the biceps relax, and the other way […]

Flexibility And Mobility – Factors That Limit Flexibility And Mobility

There are many factors that may limit flexibility and mobility, long term or short term. It is good to be aware of them and adjust our workouts accordingly to maintain flexibility and mobility and reduce the risk of injuries.   Body temperature The warmer your muscles and joints are the […]

Flexibility And Mobility – What Is The Difference 1

Do you know the difference between flexibility and mobility? In this short article I will explain what is the difference between the two and in subsequent article on the topic we will look at what are the limiting factors of flexibility, how to improve flexibility and mobility and examples of exercising. […]

Deep Squats – Benefits And Technique

Before chairs came along humans used to squat. In some cultures, such as Indian, they still squat, that’s the natural way for them. In fact that is the natural way for humans, regardless of their culture. We all come from the same source, then we use labels. But that’s just […]

Exercises For A Strong body

This article builds up on one of my other articles related to muscle isolation, why not to isolate.  I gave you the reasons why not to isolate and now I will give you some example of exercises to do, with videos and instructions. I like exercises which work the whole […]